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Happy Hour Shopping Spree? Yes PLEASE!!

Do you love a little retail therapy? Or maybe you know someone who does… planning a private Sip & Shop at The James Boutique is exactly what you need! 


Leave the kids at home, invite 10 or more of your best girls and let The James Family do the rest. The boutique will be yours for the evening so you can try on all of those “I’m not sure if I love this” or “OMG I love this” and feel free to strut it out to gather all the friendly advice you need. Still not sure about it? Our personal clothing stylists will be on hand to help you put together the best trends and offer up a few outfits you will easily fall in love with. 


Now let’s talk deals… As a host you will receive 35% off of all of your purchases and guests will receive 15% off… and we will provide the small bites and bubbly!


Are you in the dog house? Plan one for your wife! 

Have a friend with a birthday coming up? Plan one for her!!

Just feeling like you need a fun and different night out? Plan one for yourself!!!


Private Sip & Shops are available at both the East Grand Rapids and Ada (opening in August) locations. For more details or to make your reservation call 616-776-6090 or email us at

Learn more about the boutique, salon and staff visit us on our websites &

Kara Cole Turner